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Tips to Preparing the Homes for Special Occasions

There are times when people don’t get to wait for the end of the year to deck up their houses. There will be occasions, family gatherings and events that demand the homeowners to prepare their homes for such special occasions. And then there are situations where a friend or family member comes to stay for a few days. So, here are a few tips to accomplish that and avoid experiencing mishaps while the guests are around.

Start with a de-cluttering project – The first step to making the home looking cleaner and spacious is to get rid of excess clutter. Experts call it an organized effort for the purpose of discarding or removing or disposing items that are unnecessary or haven’t been used for more than six months. Start with rooms where guests are likely to spend more time. Living room, kitchen and bathrooms are the most common of all. If the guests also include children, then remove things that can pose danger to them. Also keep the expensive décor accessories out of reach.

Clear the home of pests – There are very few homes that are free of pests. Most homes will be infested by some kind of pest. Whether it is cockroaches or spiders, mice or critters, these pests vary from one region to another. Homeowners who spot any kinds of droppings, secretions, skin shedding, etc. must call the pest control experts to get rid of the pests. This is applicable to bedbugs too. No one wants their guests to be welcomed by pests. A pest control company will check every corner of the house, will identify infestations and eradicate them.

Make sure all electronics and appliances are working – There is nothing more annoying than a faulty appliance in the middle of dinner preparation. So, make sure the appliances and gadgets in the kitchen are checked. Get the repairs or replacements don’t or ask the technicians for alternatives if the replacements are too expensive. Get the refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers checked. It is not just the kitchen but the other areas too like bedrooms and bathrooms. See if the water heaters are in good condition and the heaters in the bedroom are working.

Be prepared for the increase in utility bills – Having guests at home is a matter of respect. There should be no compromise on hospitality and hence everything should be in prime condition. The utility bills will definitely be high unless there are some changes made. Shift to energy-efficient bulbs in the guest rooms and common areas. Make sure the furnace and plumbing systems can take extra load. There will be lot of water usage and heating too. Get a home inspection done to see if the HVAC system can handle the extra hours of usage.

Make the homes safer for all guests – If the guest list consists of young children, pregnant women, seniors and pets, the homes need to be safer for them. Take safety precautions near the fireplaces. Do not plug in too many lights in the garden area or in the living room. Do not overload the extension cords and plug too many items at once. Use the microwaves, toasters, vacuums, hair dryers, etc. separately rather than plugging them in the same cord. Keep the fire extinguisher handy to prevent fires. Keep the chemicals, cleaning agents, detergents and solutions in a place where children and pets cannot reach them.

Arrange for extra chairs and tables – Check if the home can accommodate the guests in the living room. The best thing to do is to invest in some good nesting chairs and tables which can be used whenever there are guests coming in. Seating is often overlooked because somehow even the guests try to adjust and sit wherever they can. So, it is important to provide them comfortable chairs to sit. The same goes with the bedding too. If the guests are staying overnight, do they have a good bed or bedding to sleep on? There are so many foldable versions available these days which are easy to store and are designed to accommodate additional guests.

Food Serving – No one wants to serve their guests in disposable plates or plastic serve ware. Make sure there are enough plates and cutlery to serve the guests with. It is a onetime investment and when not in use they can be stored away. Also make sure the dishwasher is in prime condition to keep washing the plates and dishes as and when needed.

Food Storage – There will be lot of prepping and lot of cooking. It is advisable to get the prepping done at once and store the ingredients for faster and easier cooking. At the same time of there is lot of leftover food, keep some storage containers handy to store in the fridge. A few guests don’t mind taking the food home. The storage containers are great options to pack food as much as the guests need.

Change the furnishings and upholstery – Change the sheets in the bedroom along with the upholstery in the living room. If the living room has pillows and throws, give them a quick wash so that they smell nice and refreshing. Use room fresheners to make the space more inviting. If the guests are staying overnight, they should be given an extra set of towels and bedding. And also make some space in the cabinets or get some foldable wardrobes so that they can store their belongings as per the duration of stay.

Hosting a party is no simple task and making the guests feel welcomed is something that comes naturally. No matter how much preparation goes behind organizing the party, if the guest is not greeted well or fed well, it is considered as a bad experience. As a host, stress is inevitable. The idea is to not get stressed and plan everything well in advance. Keep a few days buffer to attend to surprise repairs or other challenges, last minute shopping and arrangements.

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